10 useful tech tips you’ll use over and over

Here are some of my favorite popular tech tips, tricks, and shortcuts for a range of popular programs and tools:

1. Put your USB drive in the right way the first time

Plugging in a USB cable the right way feels like a no-brainer. Then why do we get it wrong on the first try so often?

Here’s the secret: Grab any USB cable sitting around your house. See that symbol on one side? It’s not just branding or decoration. That symbol will point up if you’re plugging in horizontally and if you’re plugging a cable vertically, the USB symbol will face you. Now you know.

2. Reopen a closed browser tab

It happens all the time. You have a dozen tabs open in your browser and accidentally close the wrong one. You could open up your browser’s history and reopen the tab from there, or you can do it with a couple of keystrokes.

Hit Ctrl+Shift+T on your PC or Command+Shift+T on your Mac to automatically reopen the tab you just closed.

3. Share a YouTube video at a precise point

If you see something in a YouTube video that you want to share at a particular point, you can get a link that takes people directly to that moment, you can get a link that takes people directly to that moment. Click the Share button below the video. Look for a checkbox below the link. It will automatically display the time at which you currently have the video stopped.

You can stick with this time or choose a different time. Copy the link and share it on your preferred social media or email it to a friend. When someone views the link, the YouTube video will automatically skip right to the point you chose.

4. Search using “Site:” to find content like a ninja

A Google search can return millions of results. Cut that down significantly by searching just a single site with Google’s Site: feature. Open Google in your browser and type “site:” and then the website you wish to search. Like this: “site:komando.com” but leave off the quotation marks.

Tip in a tip: You can enter “site:komando.com search term” in your browser’s address bar and no need to go to Google. Again, no quotation marks needed.

5. Report junk texts and stick it to the scammers

Junk texts are downright annoying. You can block them, but it feels good to take action, too.

Report texts to the GSMA’s Reporting Service with just a few clicks. Forward the message to 7726 (guess what that spells?) or just hit “Report junk” in your messaging app .

6. Use your voice in Google Docs

I bet you already use your phone’s speech-to-text to dictate text messages or even emails, but did you know you can do the same in Google Docs? It’s free and it works surprisingly well.

Open a new document in Google Docs, then enable Voice Typing from the Tools menu. Then start dictating. Voice Typing recognizes commands like “comma,” “period,” and “new paragraph” as well.

7. Download movies on Disney Plus

Each streaming service has a different policy for downloading video content and watching offline. Netflix was a major holdout until 2016. But Disney Plus allowed this option right away. The download icon is located at the bottom of the menu. Using the Disney Plus app, you can also download as many titles as your hard drive can hold.

8. Crop a screenshot

Screenshots are common practice, but you often capture more than you need. Revealing too much of your screen in a single image can actually threaten your security. Instead, you can take a screenshot with precise cropping, so that you include only what you want.

On a Mac, press Command + Shift + 5, and a rectangle will emerge, which you can manipulate as much as you want.

On Windows 10, go to Start, enter the Search Bar, and type Snipping Tool. This will give you a similar box that you can drag to any shape over your screen.

9. Search WhatsApp chats

Messages accumulate over time, no matter what platform you use. We want to find that one hilarious quote or a vital street address, but it’s lost in a disjointed sea. WhatsApp may be the most-downloaded app of the decade, but many users are unaware that you can search your messages, just like Google.

For iOS versions, there’s a search bar; for Android, there’s a search icon. Either way, find words unique to a specific conversation to narrow down the exact message you’re looking for.

 10. Unsend an email

Did you just send out an email to everyone that was meant for one person? Well, Gmail has the ability to unsend an email by adjusting one setting prior to writing your email. 

This recall of a message will also allow you to modify spelling errors, incorrect recipients, subject line and even append forgotten attachments.

Be sure to adjust the setting to a higher number than the default setting of five seconds. Let’s face it; five seconds isn’t even enough to realize you made an error, let alone hit the unsend button. Thankfully, Gmail settings provide the option of pausing an email delivery up to 30 seconds.

Credit source: https://www.usatoday.com

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Transform Your Instagram into a Digital Storefront with Shoppable Posts

Once people are aware of and interested in your brand, getting people to act on that interest and make a purchase is all about eliminating obstacles. You want the shopping experience to be as easy and seamless as possible. In the past, this was especially difficult when marketing on Instagram. Previously, the only ways to direct traffic from a post to your website was either through a link in your bio or through the Stories “Swipe Up” feature (reserved only for users with over 10,000 followers). Both of these options left quite a bit to be desired in terms of user experience.

 With the introduction of shoppable posts, Instagram is embracing the e-commerce side of its platform and allowing users to take every step of their purchasing journey—from discovery to checkout—directly from the app—though eliminating the unnecessary steps between discovering a cool product and placing an order. Using these posts, you’ll be able to transform your Instagram into a digital storefront that users can browse and shop.

How It Works

Each shoppable post has a small shopping bag icon in the bottom left-hand corner of the picture. When a user taps on the image, a pop-up “product tag” displays the featured item’s (or items’) name and price. Tapping on this tag brings the user to a product description page on Instagram. From there, they can go to your website, save the product, or continue to browse your products on Instagram. Some brands even have access to in-app checkout, although this feature is still limited to select businesses.

You can tag up to five products per image or video and up to twenty products per carousel. In stories, you can add products to your videos and images by using a “product sticker.”

Requirements for Instagram Shoppable Posts

Before you can set up your Instagram digital storefront, you’ll need to first check that you meet all of IG’s eligibility requirements:

  1. You must be located in one of the Instagram’s list of eligible countries.
  2. Your products must be considered physical objects and comply with Instagram’s commerce policies.
  3. You must have the latest version of the Instagram app on iOS or Android.
  4. You must have an Instagram Business account
  5. Your Business account must be connected to a Facebook catalog via your FB Page.

Provided that you meet these 5 simple requirements, you’ll be all set to connect a catalog and start selling on Instagram.

How to Set Up Your Catalog and Create Your First Post

Connecting your Catalog

Before you can create your first shoppable post, you have to first connect a catalog of products to your Instagram account, and there are 2 ways you can go about this—either through Facebook’s Catalog Manager, which you can use to connect an existing FB catalog or create a new one, or through one of Facebook’s e-commerce partners:

Option 1: Use the Catalog Manager.

Using the Catalog manager, you can either create a catalog from scratch or connect a Facebook catalog to your IG account. Keep in mind that to use product tags and stickers, you’ll need to create an e-commerce catalog from the list of options.

Option 2: Use a Facebook Partner (i.e. WooCommerce or Shopify).

If you have a BigCommerce or Shopify account, you can connect it to your Instagram account by submitting it for review. You can do this by going to your profile’s settings. Just tap Business, and tap Shopping on Instagram. Then follow the steps to submit your account for review. While the process usually takes only a few days, it sometimes it can take longer. Before you get started, just make sure that the Facebook account connected to your account on BigCommerce or Shopify is the same one connected to your Instagram account.

Using Product Tags and Stickers

Tagging a product in a post or IG Story is as easy as tagging a friend. 

To add a shoppable tag to a post, you’ll simply start by uploading a photo as you would normally. Then, in the next step (where you normally add captions and locations), you’ll see the option to tag a product. Just begin typing the product name, and select it from the drop-down list. After that, you’re good to go! You can add product tags to both new and old posts.

Making your Stories shoppable is a bit different as it uses “stickers,” not tags. However, the basic principle is the same. After uploading your photo or video, you’ll select the product sticker from the product tray and select the product you want to feature. From there, you can move the sticker around and change the text color by tapping the sticker.

Source: https://michaelswilder.com/

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The Way Forward: How Startups And SMEs Can Navigate The COVID-19 Crisis

The COVID-19 pandemic developed as a health crisis, moved on to becoming an economic concern, and now has transformed into a recession hard to stave off. The current climate has particularly stopped the music for the VC ecosystem, startups and small and medium enterprises (SMEs). Indeed, small to medium size businesses are at the front line of the battle, with the repercussions being especially severe for them, due to higher levels of vulnerability and limited resources.

To navigate through the current turmoil, it is vital for businesses to be agile to respond to today’s changing environment in a timely manner. As such, SMEs are advised to identify, focus, and swiftly address the key vulnerable areas to ensure their survival and business continuity. These main areas are finance, operations and business models, people, and processes- here’s a primer on how to go about these:


Cash is king, and now more than ever, is needed for survival. Here are external and internal ways to improve, prolong and avail liquidity.


With the stock markets taking a significant hit, the private equity and venture capital markets are also heavily impacted. There is going to be a considerable dip in startup valuations, as well as total rounds raised during 2020. The appetite for investment and the availability of funds has shrunk, and it continues to move downwards. Investors are either selling their current shares at a loss to prevent further financial damage, or they have gathered their resources to focus on their current portfolio and support its survival. On the other side of the spectrum, there are a few outliers with disposable funds who are taking advantage of below-the-market prices to diversify and expand their investment portfolio. That being said, it is not wise to rely on external resources, as all economies are in a volatile state. The best solution would be to direct the focus on internal resources and capabilities.


In order to minimize the reliance on traditional funding, the following avenues can be explored:

PARTNERSHIPS AND ALLIANCES The global implications of the outbreak have brought both people and businesses closer than ever, making it the best time to take a step away from traditional funding, and move towards partnerships and alliances. The market demand patterns have been disturbed, with extreme plunges in some classes and an upward surge in others. Thus, SMEs need to form complementary alliances by leveraging on each other’s resources and capabilities, and transform into a stronger entity that can cater to the current market demands with agility. This will assist with their commercial survival while using minimal funds, as well as helps serve their communities and create positive PR.

BOOTSTRAPPING Back when entrepreneurship was not a popular concept, and investors were not keen on buying startup shares, many entrepreneurs started and grew their ventures by bootstrapping. It is time to take a page out of that old book, take a proper look at the business’ internal cash reserves, and stretch the existing runway to leverage all that is available. Entrepreneurs needs to start by identifying their incurred costs, and conducting negotiations to minimize the direct and indirect costs as much as possible. They also need to explore ways to rearrange their cash from idle facilities into their essential working capital in order to improve their short-term liquidity.

GOVERNMENT AIDS Government grants have come available at a global scale, prioritizing SMEs, startups, and entrepreneurs. This is the best non-equity class of funding for these businesses to take advantage of and inject internally.


The world today is no longer the same as it was a moment ago, and it is likely to change further and for the worse. Entrepreneurs need to stay flexible and adapt accordingly. They can do so by adjusting their current business models to reflect the caused change, prioritize business continuity, look for opportunities to gain competitive advantage from, and ensure minimal disruption overall.


Entrepreneurs need to separate their focus from the crisis anxiety, and re-evaluate their propositions and business models instead. It is true that a number of SMEs, given their line of business (mainly B2C and digital) are less impacted, or in some cases, have experienced higher profits, regardless of the current crisis. However, it is a common need to revise and redo the old plans, and create new ones as well. Businesses can do so by researching the change in the market demand, identifying the changes in consumer behavior, as well as the possible gaps and opportunities for them to leverage and benefit from. They need to revise their revenue goals and product timelines, create a new business model along with a matching operating plan, and ensure clear and constant communications with the market and their investors.


SMEs need to guarantee churn by developing honest and constant communications with their current clients, adjusting payment terms to encourage early transfers, and developing new price points on current supplies. Entrepreneurs are advised to then move on to explore innovative, and at times, even radical ways to secure new customers, and deliver added value to the market. This can be realized by restructuring the internal resources and capabilities to fine-tune and tailor the current services, as well as to come up with new lines of offerings created for the current demand. As stated previously, building alliances and joining forces with other SMEs will also help cater to the new market dynamics, and prepare the grounds for potential longterm partnerships.


Once the newly adapted propositions are created, it is time to develop the go-to-market strategy, as well as the relevant marketing plans and communication channels. At times of crisis, communication should be at the forefront of any entrepreneur’s strategy to maintain a steady and honest stream of messages with its market. Keep in mind that all efforts should lead to increased credibility and fundability- it is not the survival of the fittest, but the last one standing. Your adaptability is not limited to ensuring liquidity and market offerings. For your business to survive, and to potentially grow, the right enablers must be in place, from a people, processes and technology perspective.



First and foremost are your people. Entrepreneurs need to take the necessary measures to ensure their teams’ safety, health, and by extension, productivity, in the new context. Active and transparent communication is the most important ingredient between the entrepreneurs, investors, and their staff: the necessary platforms need to be built to encourage mutual and constant conversations between all stakeholders. Maintaining a weekly dialogue between the CEOs, VCs, and employees allows for the exchange of valuable guidance on the portfolio and the overall business, and helps with making collective and smart decisions moving forward.


The right internal tools and processes must be available, so that the above adjustment and changes are realized and take effect. The entrepreneurs need to equip their business and their team members to implement the needed changes and stay adaptable. The first step is to create the environment wherein the team members feel safe and encouraged to put in the extra effort. The leaders themselves play a crucial role in enabling new ways of working: trust, empathy, and availability of leaders are a key enabler for the workforce to feel empowered and committed. In addition, adjusting the existing culture helps with aligning the people’s mindsets to welcome the new changes and to be able to operate in the new environment in a productive manner.

The second step is supplying the tools needed to implement the required changes and help with business continuity. Digital gadgets that avail remote working, telecommuting, and enable all internal and external communications are a great example. Investing in an agile and resilient infrastructure might seem like a forced decision now, but it is in fact, a long-term investment that safeguards businesses from any turbulence that may come.


Once the new infrastructure is in place, the entrepreneurs need to develop various scenarios and forecasts, and test their responses and strategies accordingly. Given the everchanging nature of the current crisis, and the limited available resources in SMEs, leaders need to develop and implement decision making protocols to be able to remain agile and respond swiftly to any changes that may arrive and with minimum involvement.

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Everything You Need to Know About 5G

What is 5G?

According to qualcomm, 5G will elevate the mobile network to not only interconnect people, but also interconnect and control machines, objects, and devices. It will deliver new levels of performance and efficiency that will empower new user experiences and connect new industries. 5G will deliver multi-Gbps peak rates, ultra-low latency, massive capacity, and more uniform user experience.

Other generations of mobile networks

 The other mobile network generations are 1G, 2G, 3G, and 4G.

  • 1G delivered analog voice.
  • 2G introduced digital voice (e.g., CDMA). 
  • 3G brought mobile data (e.g., CDMA2000). 
  • 4G LTE ushered in the era of mobile Internet.

How does 5G work?

Like 4G LTE, 5G is also OFDM-based and will operate based on the same mobile networking principles. However, the new 5G NR (New Radio) air interface will further enhance OFDM to deliver a much higher degree of flexibility and scalability. For more details on 5G waveform and multiple access techniques, please refer to this this 5G waveform whitepaper.

5G will not only deliver faster, better mobile broadband services compared to 4G LTE, but it will also expand into new service areas, such as mission-critical communications and connecting the massive IoT. This is enabled by many new 5G NR air interface design techniques, such as a new self-contained TDD subframe design; for more detailed information on 5G and to understand the specific 5G NR design components, please refer to this 5G NR whitepaper.

Benefits of 5G

5G is a new kind of network: a platform for innovations that will not only enhances today’s mobile broadband services, but will also expand mobile networks to support a vast diversity of devices and services and connect new industries with improved performance, efficiency, and cost. 5G will redefine a broad range of industries with connected services from retail to education, transportation to entertainment, and everything in between. We see 5G as technology as transformative as the automobile and electricity.

Through a landmark study, we found that 5G’s full economic effect will be realized across the globe by 2035, supporting a wide range of industries and potentially producing up to $12 trillion worth of goods and services.

The study also revealed that the 5G value chain (OEMs, operators, content creators, app developers and consumers) could alone generate up to $3.5 trillion in overall aggregate revenue by 2035 and support up to 22 million jobs, or more than one job for every person in Beijing, China. Of course, there are many emerging and new applications that are yet to be completely defined or even known today. That is why only time will tell what the full “5G effect” is going to be

How fast is 5G?

Per IMT-2020 requirements, 5G is expected to deliver peak data rates up to 20 Gbps. Qualcomm Technologies’ first 5G NR modem, the Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ X50 5G modem, is designed to achieve up to 5 Gbps in downlink peak data rate.

But 5G is more than about just how “fast” it is. In addition to higher peak data rates, 5G will provide much more network capacity by expanding into new spectrum, such as millimeter wave (mmWave). 5G will also deliver much lower latency for a quicker immediate response, and an overall more uniform user experience so that the data rates stay consistently high even when users are moving around. Moreover, the new 5G NR (New Radio) mobile network will be backed up by Gigabit LTE coverage foundation, which will provide ubiquitous Gigabit-class connectivity.

How much is 5G?

5G doesn’t have a price tag yet.

A key 5G objective is to lower the cost-per-bit (data cost) compared to 4G LTE, by leveraging new and wider spectrum in higher bands including the mmWave range.

This could potentially allow mobile operators to continue offer unlimited data plans even with increasing data consumption. This can also enable new use cases and make more applications economically viable for broader adoption in a 5G network. For example, 5G can help to proliferate immersive augmented and virtual reality, which is possible today with 4G LTE but may be limited by network capacity and data costs.’

5G uses spectrum better than 4G

5G will also get the most out of every bit of spectrum across a wide array of available spectrum regulatory paradigms and bands — from low bands below 1 GHz, to mid bands from 1 GHz to 6 GHz, to high bands known as millimeter-wave.

5G is faster than 4G

5G will be significantly faster than 4G, delivering up to 20 Gigabits-per-second peak data rates and 100+ Megabits-per-second average data rates.

5G has more capacity than 4G

5G will support a 100x increase in traffic capacity and network efficiency.


5G will improve our day to day lives of receiving and transferring data in less than one-thousandth of a second, appearing instantaneous which means we are going to be more expose to high level of radiowaves. These kinds of worries aren’t new , for years we as users have been so anxious about possible health effects of radiation in everything from microwaves to our smartphones, prodded by claims that radio airwaves cause brain cancer, reduced fertility and so on .

This is not the first time a new inventions like 5g technology is coming to live, When telephone came into Africa, so many people made negative comments about it and formulated theories ,-DID WE DIE AS A RESULT OF USING THAT?- NO, same thing happen when the first generation of internet networks came into existence , so many people who are ignorant of all these say so many negative theories especilaly in Africa.

We are surrounded by radio waves from all our gadgets, we are directly under an uv rays from sun which when you calculate its own effect to our skin everyday, to move from one place to another is going to be real problem.

So lets be aware of what is coming, prepare to educate people on how important the 5G is to human nature and well being and lets stop relating it to religious beliefs . This is science and technology.

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